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 Rules for everything

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Rules for everything Empty
PostSubject: Rules for everything   Rules for everything EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 7:20 pm

Normal Rules:

1. No spam please
2. Only 1 or 3 accounts please. It will become confusing for all of us if you make more.
3. This is only a RP, so no trolling, if you do you will be banned for a week.
4. No lemons, Yaoi / Yuri is permitted unless it is in the lemon thread.
5. No extreme cussing for no reason unless you are England, Romano, a Snapped character, or the mood of the topic is incredibly hostile.
6. Try to stay in character, when out of character use brackets like this (( or ( or [ or [[ or { or {{ and keep them on their own line
7. Try to stay active
8. There is a minimum of at least 1 post (within 2 weeks of registration) NOT in the registration topics.
9. Don't post any pictures of yourself, give out your address, give out your cellphone number, or any incredibly specific details about yourself. This is for your security~ (Names, Ages, States/Countries are fine)
10. Please make your posts readable, if there are a few spelling/usage errors, I'll understand as long as you correct them.
11. Always have fun, since this is how the site should be.

Chat box Rules:

1. Keep it T and under
2. You don't need to stay in character while in Chat box
3. Don't spam please (This will be taken lightly however)
4. Cursing doesn't matter, but lemon does, so always ask me or a mod.
(more info go here: )

When You Create Your Account:

1. When you make your account, I would appreciate it if you name it after the country, not the human name Although you can if you want as long as it's a main character. If it's a OC, stick to the country.
2. Fill in your information as if you were the actual country. (Age doesn't matter really, if you can't find their 'birthday' you can make one up)
3. Make sure your profile picture is actually your character (Unless it's an OC)

Yup, that's basically it ^^ The profile pic and what not I don't really care about, just keep it under T

Please just abide these rules, you will get 3 warnings, after the 3rd you will be banned.
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Rules for everything
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