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 Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style

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Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style Empty
PostSubject: Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style   Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 6:55 pm

Gilbert flicked another spit ball over at the blonde boy's head, snickering as it got caught in the silk like hair. Francis turned around in his seat and glared at the albino. Gilbert smiled innocently and waved a bit. Scowling Francis flipped his hair and turned back to the board.
He chewed on the wad of paper and flicked it back up front. His aim failing him it instead flew past Francis' ear and landed in the messy brown hair of a Spanish boy named Antonio. Gilbert's muscles locked up for a second. Francis didn't tell on him yet, maybe he would. Antonio kept doodling as if nothing had happened. Gil frowned a bit and ficked another ball at the boy. He still kept scribbling.
Francis looked back at Gilbert grinning. The blond ficked his own wad of paper at the oblivious boy, laughing quietly when he didn't retaliate.
By the end of class dried up globs of half chewed white paper littered the floor and were glued to the back and head of Antonio. Gilbert walked up to Francis and high fived him as the class lined up for recess.
"That was funny, yes?" The blond ask in a slight french accent.
"You talk weird." Gil said always the blunt one.
"You both talk funny." The two boys flinched as Antonio placed a hand on each of their shoulders. "Americans are weird, right?"
"I'm German technically..." Gilbert grumbled.
"Well, Germans and Frenchies are strange." He clarified. "I always thought people should be nice. That means not throwing spitballs at others, right?" The two kindergarteners shuffled around. "I always thought that was a horrible horrible thing to do. If you're gonna do it don't get caught! You two laugh too loud. I even figured it out and I'm an idiota!" He said exasperated. The two boys looked at him weirdly.
"Um." Gilbert said confused. "Aren't you gonna rat us out?"
"Nah, if I wanted to get you back I'd get my cousins to beat you up. I have like seven of them, this tall!" He said jumping up and down on his tiptoes. Gilbert elbowed Francis.
"That's tall."
First grade:
Francis glared at Gilbert. He simply rolled his eyes and poked Antonio. "You're okay, right?"
"Of course, it'll wash out!" He said cheerfully. Francis glared at both of them, pecking at the large brownish black stain on his shirt.
"That is a heavy duty mixture of ink, mud, dirt, water, mustard, horseradish, ranch, oil, and salt. It's not gonna wash out. And we smell. Bad." The albino laughed.
"It was awesome, right? Best sludge bomb yet."
"A bit. Even though we kinda miscaculated and got more sludge on us than Mr. Vargas. Even though I think I have to burn these clothes." Francis frowned. Antonio snickered.
"Francis, you're such a girl."
"Seriously bro, you got the hair and everything."
Second grade:
Gilbert pounced onto his two friends. "Hey, I figured out something awesome today!" Francis scoffed.
"You think everything you do is awesome."
"Because it is, right Toni?" Antonio looked at him confused, hand inches away from grabbing a small butterfly just out of his reached. "Umm, yeah. Whatever Francis said. Unless Gil's right. Yeah, whoever is on my side."
"Go play with the butterfly, Toni. And please, stop talking." Antonio shrugged and turned his back on the two.
"You know how we were learning about Prussia last week?" Francis nodded. His friend had talked for hours about the coolness of it. "Well, my mom said that she's actually from parts of what use to be Prussia! Which means my awesome level just doubled because I'm Prussian!" He yelled loudly. Antonio looked at his excited friend and laughed.
"Congrats on the new nationality!" He said giving him a pat on the back. Gilbert tried to scowled at the two for their lack of enthusiasm but instead laughed. Francis stared as a small butterfly flew close to his face.
"Get this beast away from me!" He yelled swatting at the bug. Antonio pouted.
"What'd I ever do to hurt you, Francis?"
"Toni, go pick some flowers or something."
Third grade:
Francis glared at Gilbert. "You're an idiot."
"You're stupid." He told him.
"You're dumber than a dog, and smell like one too."
"You're uglier than a troll, have as much hair as one too."
"You're as unfashionable as Arthur Kirkland, and your accent as horrble as his too."
"You're more girly than a girl, I swear you are one."
"You're stupider than Toni!" Francis shouted out angry.
"Take that back!"
"You both are horrible." Antonio pouted at his friends. "Why are you arguing now?"
"He stole my action figure!" Gilbert yelled at Francis.
"I did no such thing!"
"Oh he didn't, I did." The Spaniard held up the toy. "If it'll make you two stop fighting then you can have if back, okay? I don't like it when you fight, it makes me sad." Gilbert squinted at Antonio.
"You do this on purpose, don't you?"
"Do what?" He asked confused.
"Do something bad and act cute so I can't be mad at you."
"Yup!" He yelled grinning at him cheerfully.
Fourth grade:
"And the pink one is for happiness. The green one for luck." Antonio bent down to pick another flower. "Red for love." Arthur poked Antonio.
"Your picking flowers."
"Yup! White for wealth."
"Isn't thay kinda girly?" Antonio looked up confused.
"Is it?" He asked worried.
"Of course not!" Gilbert threw an arm around Toni's shoulder.
"Really Arthur, get with the times." Francis scowled at the shorter boy.
"Flowers are for girls, obviously." Arthur defended himself.
"Your eyebrows are obvious." Francis spat at him.
"That doesn't even make bloody sense, frog!" He yelled stomping away. Antonio grinned at his friends and handed them each a blue flower.
"What does blue mean?" Gilbert asked.
"Blue for friends!" Francis laughed and put the plant behind his ear.
"Do I look good?" He said tossing his hair. Gilbert laughed and followed his friend's example.
"There's a bug on you."
Fifth grade:
"How many times do I have to tell you boys?" The secretary of the school scolded them. "Hands to yourself. No hugging, hitting, GROPING others without permission. Seriously Francis, where did you learn that from?"
"Papa did it to that one lady last week. It seemed fun..." The lady sighed.
"You Papa is a bad influence." She said exhausted.
"He is not!" Francis shouted annoyed. The secretary shook her head.
"Touching is bad. Touch Bad, do you get it?" Gilbert grinned at Toni, Francis too aggravated to get what he was thinking. Then again Antonio most likely wouldn't get it either.
The three of them were sent back to class, barely out of ear shot from the woman Gilbert began shouting.
"That's what we are! What Miss said!"
"Annoying worthless trouble makers." Antonio asked confused.
"Well, that too." Gil amended. "No, we're bad touchers!" Francis blinked at him.
"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say, and I've talked to Toni."
"Um Gil, how about we go with being the bad touch trio?" Antonio suggested.
"That was my next awesome idea..." Francis laughed.
"Bad Touch Trio it is." He pouted. "My dad isn't a bad influence, is he?" Gilbert laughed.
"Your dad's awesome. Who else would give us a step by step plan for getting laid?" Antonio grinned.
"And he cooks good. Yum. Not as good as Mama, but no one can beat her."
Sixth grade:
Francis glared at Gilbert. "This is your fault." Gilbert poked Toni.
"Everything's cool. Not like he got badly hurt." Antonio picked a feather off of his shoulder and laughed.
"I'm a chicken! Nomnomnom. If you guys get hungry eat me!" He held an arm out in invitation. Gilbert rolled his eyes. Francis face palmed.
Seventh grade:
"Life sucks." Francis kicked a pebble at Gilbert. "For once I'm agreeing." He kicked the small stone back.
"This is the part where Toni tells us to cheer up and eat some churros." He kicked the mini rock.
"Yeah, we're pretty depressing without that idiot here." He kicked the tiny boulder over again.
"Why he have to go to friking Spain over the summer?" He kicked the overgrown piece of sand.
"I don't know, he just left and we're already like this. Summer's gonna suck." He kicked the pebble into a puddle.
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Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style Empty
PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style   Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style EmptyTue Nov 15, 2011 7:55 am

D'AWWWWWWH I miss us *huggles you and Toni*
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Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style Empty
PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style   Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style EmptyTue Nov 15, 2011 5:53 pm

...........……………………………I can still fuck Toni though!~ *nuked*
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Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style Empty
PostSubject: Re: Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style   Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style Empty

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Playground Rules, Bad Touch Trio Style
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