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 Playground Rules: Prussia and Hungary

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Playground Rules: Prussia and Hungary Empty
PostSubject: Playground Rules: Prussia and Hungary   Playground Rules: Prussia and Hungary EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 6:32 pm

Not exactly a pairing, can be seen that way, can not be seen that way. Did a shitload of these a while ago.
First Grade:
"Stop that."
"Stop that."
"Punch punch punch!"
"Pain. Ow. Rubs arm." Gilbert's grandfather looked at him strangely.
"What are you doing?" He asked the seven year old.
"Eli's in the hospital because he broke his arm. I swear it wasn't my fault, no matter what Ms. Meyers says! So I can't annoy him in person until he's out of surgery tomorrow. So I'm poking him over the phone." He turned back to the phone. "Smack. Keseseses."
"Son, you have issues."
"Awesome issues!"
Second Grade:
"Hey, you're not allowed to hit Gilbert!" Elizaveta yelled at the older Turkish boy. "That's my job!" Sadiq rolled his eyes behind his too large white sunglasses.
"And what will you do about it?" He said poking Eli. "I can just beat you up too."
"Hey, no hitting Eli! That's my awesome job!" Gilbert yelled.
"I can protect myself! Go away!"
"You go away! I can take care of myself too!"
"Then why are you black and blue and covered in dirt?"
"Because I'm that awesome!"
"You're stupid!"
"You're stupid!"
"You're both stupid. God, the milk isn't even worth it." Sadiq shook his head before turning his back on the two. "Hey, Lovino! Wanna play a game?" He shouted across the play ground.
"Hey! Where are you going?" Elizaveta shouted at the retreating boy. "Come back here!"
"You're not allowed to stop bullying us until we say we're done being bullied!" Gilbert yelled also.
"Yeah, you better run! Next time we won't go easy on you! See that, Gil? Even fifth graders can't mess with us!" She high fived the albino.
"Yeah, we're too awesome for these guys!"
Third grade:
"Hey Eli."
"Hey Eli."
"Hey Eli."
"Hey Eli."
"Hey Eli."
"Hey Eli!"
"WHAT?" She yelled slamming her book shut.
"Ha! Got you to talk to me!" Gilbert yelled triumphant. Elizaveta tackled him to the ground.
"You're so annoying! Go away!" As they began to wrestle.
"NEVAR!" He yelled holding her down to the ground. "I'll stay with you forever and ever! Annoy you for eternity!"
"I don't want you to! Go away! Never come back!" She struggled against his hold when she felt it grow slack. Gil pouted.
"Fine. I didn't feel like playing with you today anyways. You're not as awesome as I thought you were, Eli." He said standing up.
"Fine then. I don't wanna hang out with you either. Go play with someone else." She waved her hand dismissively, standing also.
"Fine then. I'll find some other guy to play with. You're too boring anyways." The two kids glared at each other. Gilbert's arms crossed as he scowled at Eli. Elizaveta's hands on hips pouting at Gil.
"Fine then. I want my football helmet back." He said.
"Fine then. I want my soccer ball back."
"Fine then. I want my dinosaur pajamas back."
"Fine then. I want my pet rock back."
"No! Not Gilrock!" Gilbert screamed horrified.
"Yes. Gilrock is now Elirock." She said stubbornly.
"But that doesn't even sound right! Eli is such a girly name." He said pouting.
"Are you calling my name girly?"
"Yes. It is. Sometimes I swear you're more of a girl than a boy!" He said confidently.
"Just wait. When my penis grows in then I'll be way manlier than you!" Gilbert looked at her confused.
"Eli...that's not how it-"
"Until then I'm just a bit late!"
"That's not how-"
"Like how some girls don't get boobs for a while."
"Not not...I give up. Be my friend again?" He asked.
"Yeah. You can keep Gilrock, but I want my dice back, really!"
fourth grade:
Elizaveta poked her chest. "It hurts again."
"I bet you have some sort of weird disease. Like chestitis or something." She smacked him with a pillow.
"I asked dad why it hurt. He said cuz I'm getting older."
"Well my chest is awesome!" Gilbert gloated. She poked it again.
"Maybe you're just too young."
"I'm a month older, idiot."
"You're an idiot." She poked it again.
"You're an idiot because you keep poking it."
"...Shut up." Gilbert leaned over and poked it. "Ow, don't do that!" She yelled. Gilbert blushed.
"Yeah yeah, whatever." He turned back to his comic book, face still crimson.
"Maybe you're right." She said worried.
"Yeah, maybe you do have chestitis and are dying." Eli stuck her tongue out at him.
"If I die you're not allowed to come to my funeral."
"I wouldn't want to anyways! You're funeral would be all d @ ull and boring. My funeral? Mine is gonna be awesome."
"I wouldn't come to yours either." The two sat I silence.
"You'd come, right?" Gilbert broke the silence.
"Maybe, if the food's good."
"Yeah, I'd go to yours for the food. Not because I would be sad or anything, but because I'd want the food."
Fifth grade:
"You look weird, Eli."
"Your face looks weird."
Sixth Grade:
Elizaveta scratched her ankle uncomfortable. Gilbert poked her. "Don't poke me." She flicked a piece of grass at him.
"Why not?" He asked annoyed.
"It's annoying."
"You're such a girl!"
"Your mom's a girl!"
"Take that back!" He yelled.
"She is, I swear!" Gilbert thought for a second.
"Oh yeah, she is. You still act like a girl all the time. Man up, boy."
"Shut up. What if I were a girl, what would it matter?" She said angry.
"Then you'd end up being all girly. Wearing dresses and making food." He muttered. Eli stuck her tongue out.
"Why would I do that?"
"Because that's what girl's do, right?"
"I think so." She nodded in agreement.
"That's why you're a guy, not a girl." Eli chewed on her lip.
"Well there's a tiny chance I may be a girl." Gilbert's eyes widened in shock.
'No way, let me check!" Before he could be stopped he jumped over and grabbed her crotch. Eli kicked him, hard.
"Don't do that!"
"Why didn't you tell me you were a girl?" He shouted.
"I don't know!" She yelled back.
"Wait, when did you figure this out?"
"Last year, health class."
"So that's why they wouldn't let you sit with the guys."
"I guess."
Seventh grade:
"You look stupid." Gilbert told Elizaveta.
"Shut up. No I don't." She pulled on the edge of her dress.
"I don't see why you have to go all girly all of the sudden." He pouted.
"Because I wanted to." She snapped at him. She looked at the school building. "Do I really look stupid?" She asked self-conscious.
"You look weird. But nice I guess. Still, you look weird." He poked her, face red. "Why can't you just turn back into a boy? I don't want to have a girl as a friend." She smacked his hand away.
"Then don't." She said coldly.
"And we really can't go running or wrestle or anything fun anymore?"
"I don't wanna do that stuff, it's boyish."
"I thought you liked boyish."
"I just wanna try being a girl. They look like they're having fun."
"Fine. Next thing you know you'll be picking flowers and wearing them in your hair." Elizaveta's hand stopped inches away from a flower.
"Nope, not me." She said innocently. Gilbert rolled his eyes and grabbed the flower from the ground.
"You're such a girl, Eli." He put it behind her ear.
"Says the guy picking flowers."
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Playground Rules: Prussia and Hungary
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