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 Chatbox Sheet of Understanding

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Chatbox Sheet of Understanding Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Sheet of Understanding   Chatbox Sheet of Understanding EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:23 am

Okay here are some guide lines. (it was made by russia on a site that i'm on. here is the main one: XD)

1 ) Scrabble: Scrabble is not a board game in the universe of chat room. It is basically sex, rape, making out, anything really. Mainly it's a cheesy code word.

2 ) Words: Pointless words and stupid phrases are allowed.

3 ) Glomping: It is a greeting, a sign of affection, a way to tell someone to shut the fruk up and do me! It's a way to comfort, a conversation opener, pretty much everything.

4 ) Glomoing: No, this is not a typo. It was in the beginning but now it's another code word. It's stands for molestation. So please if you are glomoed, feel free to slap them, unless you like it.

5 ) Huggles: It's like hugs, only it's different spelling. Just roll with it. snuggles is like huggles as well.

6 ) Killing: We talk about this a lot. A bit too much actually... It's only for topics, i swear! People, this is not real so don't freak. Killing may include: torture, blood, guts, decapitation, strangling, and cannibalism.

7 ) Food: Because it's fun to talk about.

8 ) Video posting: A lot of this will happen. Just go with it.

9 ) Random break out into songs: If this happens and you don't know the song, feel free to give the person the 'wtf' face.

10 ) Dark room: This is a room or closet where the people who 'scrabble' go. Beware of it. It has everything. AND NO I'M NOT GOING TO EXPLAIN. Just imagine and that's what it is....

11 ) Drunkenness: Beware of this. Anything can happen when it comes to people getting drunk. ANYTHING! So be careful when doing it.

12 ) Rape: *It's not rape, just sex you didn't know you wanted- Prussia (on the other site)* it happens, a lot. So be careful.

13 ) Corners: There is alot of them. They include: Emo Corner, Sad Corner, Corner of Shame, Corner of Complete and Utter Confusion (thank you Italy), Corner of Permanent Neutrality, and Happy Corner.

14 ) Other rooms and things: There are other rooms other then the dark room. These include: The Emo room *has 200,000 locks on the door* (don't ask, just nod and go along with it), The Plotting room (will be Belarus's hideout when we get one), and the Happy room of sunshine and rainbows (please don't ask!). Other then that we have a emo cave, a bar with a stripper stage (for those drunken days), the emo kitchen, the happy kitchen of sunshine and rainbows, and other things.

15 ) Italy: Cause he needs a topic on his own. Ok one: he is a she so deal. two: she is like a real italy with the curl and everything and will say pasta when she can. three: she drinks sweet tea... A LOT OF SWEET TEA. four: she will become hyper so bare with her please. five: she can be distracted with the slightest thing. No, she does not have a.d.d. (Italy: hehe add!) It's just she is sees and shiny and goes after it (italy: Shiny!? Where!? ... I mean oh hey look a shiny.) -facepalm- Anyways. six: she does shout out random things so beware (italy: PASTA!!!) seven: When she has a brain fart don't laugh. It's very hurtful and i will chase after you with a stick. eight: if she is drunk, she turns into romano... It's scary, don't let her drink... At all.... nine: Her family is very strict on what she can see, so say yaoi when it comes to a yaoi pic. Your best bet is to send it to her via pm so she can save it later. ten: She has a devaintart account so if you want to see her hetalia stuff ask her to show it, plus she will sometimes talk about it. Other then that, Italy is Italy so deal.

That is all for now. I will update when this site gets more people.
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Chatbox Sheet of Understanding
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