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 A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)

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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:32 am

Matthew was outside of a shop in the mall waiting for Francis. Francis had stated to remain there as he went inside so that way it wouldn't ruin the surprise that was in store for him. As Matthew sighed wondering what it could be he looked around and was suddenly faced by a young girl with fire red hair staring right at him. He jumped and almost screamed but didn't. She looked so lovely with her hair let loose and her eyes sparkled like shiny emeralds.

"Don't do that." Matthew said.
"Do what?" The girl asked.
"Scare me like that." he said.
"I didn't scare you. You just thought i did." She said as she giggled.
Matthew's heart turned into butterflies as he heard the girl giggle. 'Who was this girl?' he thought. 'Was she an angel or something? Why was he feeling this way toward this girl?'
"Who are you?" Matthew asked.
"I won't tell unless you give me yours." she said.
"My name is Matthew, Matthew Williams." he said.
The girl giggled. "My name is Alana, Alana Minnis."
"Alana...." Matthew said.

Suddenly her name was yelled from a man with bushy eyebrows. She ran next to him. She looked back. Then she was gone.


Matthew woke up suddenly from the dream that he was having. This wasn't a dreamed he remembered. It was a memory. Why had he dreamed about her, about Alana. He decided to get up and get dressed. Today was a ball that Francis was throwing. He decided to get dressed and headed downstairs to get food. Once he got done, he toke a shower and got dressed as he thought about his dream. It was several years ago. When he had tried to explain the girl to Francis, he just smiled and shook his head and they never again spoke of it. He wondered as he put on his white tuxedo if she would be there. 'She may be of age now' he thought and hoped. His spirits lifted at this thought and got finished getting ready.
(End of part 1)

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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:33 am

"Matthew, Hurry up. The guest are going to be here soon. Like Arthur." Francis said as he walked into Matthew's room.
"Don't worry papa. I'm dressed and ready. I was just getting Kumajirou ready as well." Matthew said as he got done putting the tuxedo bow on Kumajirou.
"Well then, let's not keep them waiting." Francis said.
"You mean Arthur waiting." Matthew said.
"That's besides the point. This ball is for you."
"I don't understand why though." he said as Matthew picked up Kumajirou.
"Just trust me on this." Francis said.
"You won't tell me?"
"Nope." he said smiling as he grabbed a white rose and placed it in Matthew's tuxedo pocket before heading to the ballroom.

Matthew sighed and went downstairs with Kumajirou in his arms. At least he could dance with him if all else fails. Once he entered the room, he saw that Francis was flirting with Arthur and his brother was there. 'Great' he thought. 'Now all I need is that guy in the scarf here and I can call it a nightmare.' Matthew decided to set down Kumajirou in a seat and then sit down in another seat as well. However just as he sat down, Francis came over with a girl in a green dress. Matthew stood and suddenly was shocked. His heart went into a butterfly frenzy. It was her. It was Alana.

"Matthew, I want you to meet Alana, Arthur's sister." Francis said.
"It's a great honor for you to invite me" Alana said as she curtsied.
"N-No. The honor is all mine." Matthew said as he bowed.
"Well, I'll let you get to know each other" Francis said as he walked off.
"This is a very nice ball." Alana said as she looked around.

Matthew was speechless. She was standing in front of him. 'Okay, just don't screw this up.' He thought.

"W-would you like to dance with me?" Matthew said almost really quickly.
She looked at him and giggled. "I would like that." She said as she started turning toward the dance floor.
"Wait, not here. I have a better place for us to dance." He said.
She looked back at him with her side almost to him. "Lead the way then, Matthew."

Matthew toke her by the hand gently and went through one of the open ballroom doors that lead to the courtyard. He toke her where the stars and the moon was shining down on them and they started dancing very slow and very graceful. Matthew didn't want this moment to end. He felt as free as a bird dancing with the girl he dreamed of. Nothing would make this moment go away except for time.

(end of part 2. Here is a pic of what it looked like when Alana looked back at Matthew after saying that he had a better spot to dance at.)
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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:34 am

As Matthew and Alana danced they didn't realize that other people from the ball was now starting to dance in the courtyard. Suddenly Matthew stopped as he got a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey brother, I would like to dance with her now." It was Alfred.
"Why don't you find another girl that will dance with you. Alana wants to dance with me." Matthew said as he turned to look at his brother as he moved in front of Alana.
"Come on Matthew. Just one dance and then you can have her back." Alfred said as he started to reach for Alana's hand.
Alana patted Matthew's shoulder. "I'm sure I will be fine. Just one dance?"
"Just one dance." With that Alfred toke Alana's hand and started dancing with her.
Matthew watched as his brother danced with Alana.

As soon as that song got done, Alana started to move away from Alfred. However, Matthew saw that Alfred wasn't letting her go. She was trying to move away but his brother's strength was starting to over power her. Matthew marched to his brother and shoved him away from Alana. He couldn't stop himself from doing it, but without warning, Matthew hit Alfred hard in the face. Then he marched Alana upstairs with Kumajirou behind him. But Alana stopped and looked down at Alfred's knocked out body and whistled. Matthew stopped too and to his surprise he saw a tiny black and green coyote pup was biting on Alfred's arm before Alana whistled. The pup suddenly looked up and ran up the stairs to her. Matthew toke Alana to his room and made sure that Kumajirou and the pup was in the room before he locked it.

"Are you alright?" Matthew asked as he toke her hand gently to see if there was any places that was going to bruise.
"Ow. I'll be fine." Alana said as Matthew touched a spot gently with his finger.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have let him dance with you." Matthew said as he got up and got ice and a washcloth to wrap the ice in.
"It's fine. I'm sorry I said yes." She said as she looked at her wrist.
"No, you didn't know what he was planning." he said as he placed the ice on her wrist.
Alana flinched at the ice touching the spots that hurt. "Thank you Matthew."

Suddenly there was a banging on the door and then the pup started to bark at the door. "Guinness, calm." Alana said before she looked at the door. Though the door, the voices of Arthur and Francis could be heard.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" Arthur said as he yelled at the door.
"Unlock this door and come on out." Francis said.
"I'm not going to until he has left. He hurt Alana."
There was a moment of silence and then a couple of people heading back down stairs.
"Will you unlock the door to let us in?" Francis said.
"Is he gone?" said Matthew, making sure.
"Yes." Arthur said.

Matthew walked over to the doors and unlocked them to let Francis and Arthur in before locking the door again. Arthur went straight over to Alana and examined her back and her arms. Matthew sat back down and looked as Arthur did so.

"Matthew, would you get some more ice. She has more bruise spots." Arthur said as Alana bit her lip.
"I'll get it" said Francis as he went to get the ice.
Matthew sat there not knowing what to do.
"You did a good thing, Matthew." Arthur said.
"It shouldn't have happened, though." he said as he looked down.
"Matthew we didn't know." Alana said as she looked at him.
"I'll see to it that Alfred is punished." Arthur said as he stood up. "Alana, I want you to rest here for the night. Make sure that you keep ice on your back and wrist. I'll be back tomorrow with a change of clothes for you."
Alana nodded. "Thank you Iggy."

Arthur nodded and then unlocked the door and went outside the room as Francis came back in.

"Here is the ice. And I have a nightgown for you if you would like to change. You both don't have to return to the ball tonight. However i have to." Francis said kindly.
"That would be great. Thank you." Alana said as she put the ice on her back with her non bruised hand.

Francis went out of the room. Matthew looked at Alana with a sadden face. He shouldn't have let him dance with her. And now she was paying the price. He had to do something more then what he did, but he didn't know what. Francis came back in the room with a nightgown.

"Here you go Alana. You can sleep in here with Matthew if that is alright. All the other rooms may be occupied for tonight."
"Here is fine. Thank you." Alana said
Matthew blushed. "Let me go get another pillow for you." He said as he got up and looked into the closet.
Alana giggled and then toke the nightgown and went into Matthew's bathroom to get changed.

Matthew set up the bed for the both of them and then extended Kumajirou's bed to fit Guinness in there as well. Alana came back out and smiled before she got into the bed and fell asleep. Matthew got changed as well and then lightly went into his bed as to not disturb her. He quickly fell asleep and he dreamed of their dance together. As they slept, Francis checked on them. He saw that they were cuddled up to each other and so was Kumajirou and Guinness. He smiled before he gently closed the door.

(End of part 3. Sorry it's so long!!)
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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:34 am

Matthew woke up to the sounds of bird chirping and a knock on the door. He let out a tiny groan and then went to the door. When he opened it he saw a set of clothes, a tiny hint of a hairbrush, and a note. He picked up the clothes and then started to read the note. The note was from Francis.

"Here is Alana's clothes. I talked with Arthur and he said that she likes to cook her food and then take a long walk. If you don't mind, could you keep on eye on her. Arthur and I are going to be out till tonight. Good Luck!.

Matthew's heart seemed to skip a beat. 'Papa, you old dog.' he thought as he lightly set the clothes on the nightstand for Alana and then got dressed. When he came out of the closet, Alana was stretching and yawning.

"Good morning." she said as she looked at him half sleepily.
"Good morning, Alana. Your clothes are on the night stand. Francis decided to take Arthur somewhere and they won't be back until later so we have the house to ourselves." he said as he checked on Kumajirou and Guinness.
Alana giggled. "I bet that brother went out with a fight." she said as Guinness woke up, stretched and yawned before leaping onto Matthew's bed to sit next to Alana.
"I'm sure he did. However I think that Papa won this round. Anyways how about you get dressed and then you can tell me what you do for each day." he said as he smiled.
"Okay then. May I use your bathroom?" she said smiling as she toke her clothes and set it on one of her arms.
"Of course. I'll be back in a few minutes with food for Guinness and Kumajirou." He said as he headed to the door.
"Thank you and Guinness like steak if you have any." she said and then walked into Matthew's bathroom as Guinness jumped off the bed and sat in front of the door.
"Okay i'll get some for her." Matthew said and then went downstairs to get some food for Kumajirou and Guinness.

The steak turned to out be hard to find but Matthew found it and cut up one of them as well as some fish for Kumajirou. Then he placed 2more bowls under the 2 food dishes and toke up 2 bottled waters. After carefully walking up the stairs, Matthew went into his room and set the bowls down before filling the empty bowls with water. Matthew had a sudden wave of something that he had forgotten. He hurried downstairs and found a couple of empty ice bags in the ice box. He filled them up and then got some wrapping bandages and headed back up to his room. When he went back, he noticed that the water for his shower was turned off and he heard movement. A sudden cursing told Matthew that either the bruises had formed in the night or that she had hit one of the spots.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he walked over to the door as much as Guinness would let him.
"I'm fine. It's just the bruises are forming that's all." she said.
"Well I have some ice here for you and something to hold them in place so you don't have to hold it all the time."
"Oh, thank you Matthew." She said as she opened the door.
"Not a problem, eh." He said as he turned around as a sign of respect.

Alana patted Matthew's shoulder and as he turned around he noticed that she was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a green vest and a green plaid skirt that reached her knees. A tiny ways down from her knees was long green socks and she had brown shoes on as well. She giggled as he blushed and then continued to comb her hair and put her hair into 2 pigtails with green ribbons that he saw was lightly tied to the hairbrush that was with her clothes.

"Wow." He said as he looked at her.
Alana giggled. "Well, normally I just wear jeans and a t-shirt but since I'm here I guess that Arthur wanted me to try something that I haven't worn."
"Sorry." Matthew said as he looked away, blushing.
"No it's fine." Alana said as she patted Guinness on the head.
"Oh here let me help you with this." he said as he grabbed the ice bags and the bandages.
"Thank you" she said as she pulled her vest and shirt up to reveal her back where some bruises that were slowly turning purple.
"Oh man" Matthew said as he started to place the ice bags where the bruises were and then wrapped them up so they wouldn't move.
Alana let out a sigh in relief as Matthew stepped back after he got done. "Thank you."
"No problem. Well, since that is done now, what do you normally do everyday?" he asked as he started to lead her downstairs.
"Normally, I get up, get dressed, make food for Guinness and I, then I take a normal walk and start the day." she said as she counted off the tiny list in her head.
"What is a normal walk for you?"
"About a half a mile to a mile depending of if I'm hurt or not." she said as she giggled to the reaction on Matthew's face.
"H-How can you walk a mile, eh?" he said as he stared at her wide eyed.
"It depends on where you walk that will decide if you walk that much or not." she said they started walking to the kitchen with Mathew's help.

After Alana made Shepard's pie for the both of them. Matthew brought up the idea of walking in the garden. Alana nodded in agreement and smiled as they did so. Matthew didn't even realize that once she asked to get some water that they had walked a mile non-stopped however they walked slowly because of her back. He didn't mind it however, for he loved spending time with her. As they returned inside, Kumajirou and Guinness raced down the steps to greet them. They picked them up as Matthew gave Alana the tour of the estate. The best part was when Alana started talking about everything else that she did in a normal day. Matthew couldn't be any happier that Francis had stolen Arthur away so they could spend the day together. He smiled as she talked about her small potato farm and how potatoes were grown. He couldn't help but smile. Hearing her talk just made him so care-free. Like anything was possible.

(End of part 4. again sorry for it being so long.)

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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 11:36 am

After Alana got done talking about everything, she asked him to tell what he does around here. So Matthew explained about everything that he did around the house even though he didn't go into detail about much of it because he wanted to hear Alana's voice again. However when she gigged about him talking about France, he started chuckling with her.

When Francis and Arther came back to the house, Matthew was playing football with Alana. They were both being happy when Francis called for them.

"Oh Matthew! Alana!" Francis said.
"Hey Alana!" Arther said.
Alana giggled. "Race you there." she said as she started running.
"Hey! No far, eh!" Matthew said as he chased after her.

When they got to Francis and Arther, Matthew grabbed onto Alana. He saw that his brother was with them.

"What is he doing here?" Matthew asked.
"He is here to tell Alana something." Arther said as he pushed Alfred forward.
"What is it?" Alana said as she hid her arms.
"Look, I'm sorry I hurt you. I don't know what got me to do that. So yea, I'm sorry dude." He said as he looked down.
Alana walked up to Alfred and before any of them could stop her she slapped Alfred across the face. "Be glad that is all I will do. Alfred."
"Alana." Matthew and Arther said as they pulled the two apart.
"I'm sorry but it had to be done. These are turning out to be worse then normal bruises." She said.
"It's fine, I know that was only fair." Alfred said. Then he turned towards the door and walked out.
"You could have at least let him finish." Francis said.
"He was finished." Alana said, before she turned to Matthew. "I'm sorry. Thank you for what you have done." She said.
Matthew knew what was about to happen next. "It's fine, eh. However you can't disappear on me again. Maybe we can go get ice cream or something sometime?"
Alana giggled. "Your so sweet. I would like that sometime."
Matthew blushed. "Next week then?"
Alana sighed and shook her head. "I'll visit when I can and then we can have it then."

Arther said goodbye to Francis and then toke Alana by the hand and toke her out the door. Matthew started to run behind but he was caught on the shoulder by Francis. Francis shook his head and said that if she is yours she will return to Matthew. Matthew could only nod and then grabbed Kumajirou and headed up to his bedroom. Then he sat there and waited.


Several years had passed since then. He was sitting in the world meeting room, waiting for everyone else to show when he saw that someone who was representing Ireland would finally show up for the meeting. Matthew's heart skipped a beat. Alana was finally going to show after her vanishing since the fight between England and her? Oh, he couldn't wait to see her to see how she was. As everyone arrived, he noticed that a woman of very fine built and orange hair had sat herself in the Ireland seat. It toke Matthew a minute before he recognized that it was Alana. He got up and walked over to her, holding Kumajirou.

"H-Hello Ireland." He said.
She looked and stared at him open mouthed. "M-Matthew?!" she asked
"Y-yea but in the meeting, I'm called Canada." He said blushing. It was nice knowing that someone knew him now.
"It's been awhile." She said grinning.
"Yes it has." he said.
"Is it allowed that I can move my chair?" Ireland asked looking at who was sitting next to her, which was England.
"Yea it is because Italy sits next to Germany and we have to keep Greece and Turkey away from each other." Canada said chuckling.
"Oh thank goodness. Where do you sit?" She asked as she got up and grabbed her chair.
"Y-You want to sit next to me, eh?" he said blushing.
"Your one of the few people that i know around here. So it's either sitting next to you, France, or America. Which France is a pervert. Also if I sit next to America, I'm afraid that he's going to start munching on my arm." She said giggling.

Matthew couldn't help but laugh as he showed her where he sat. It was good with her sitting next to him. As the meeting went on the normal happened but What was interesting to him was how much energy Ireland had as she started talking about ideas that could help the other nations problems. However that changed when England said for her to take her advice an shove it into her bottle of beer. Then it kinda went crazy. It all ended up France pulling England off of Ireland and him trying to calm her down. As soon as the meeting was over with, Alana sighed and sat there.

"What's wrong, Alana." Matthew asked.
"Nothing. Just can't stand that guy." Alana said.
"Well would it calm you down if we had some ice cream?" he asked.
"Ice cream and whiskey would be really nice." she said as she got up and grinned at Canada.
"Okay, eh." He said as he started walking with her.

As they headed out of the meeting room, they started talking to each other about how they were and how everything was going between them. As they came out of the building, Guinness, who was now full grown, leaped onto Matthew and started licking him. Alana went into a burst of giggled as she helped Matthew get on his feet. They headed toward the ice cream place and got some ice cream as they went sightseeing. After a little while, Alana found a pub and dragged Matthew in there. He didn't know what to so he just sat there munching on the free pretzels that came with the whiskey as Alana chugged all of the whiskey down.

(end of part 5. Ok, The football that I'm talking about is soccer lol. From now on I think that this is going to be the average for the story parts because there is alot that is going on and i can't slim it down any DX . anyways i hope that you like this and I'll put up the next part here soon i hope. )
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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 10:44 pm

Between writer's block and work it I has been a year since the last part ended. However the next part will be coming up within a few weeks now that I have a way of typing so I hope that everyone rereads the parts if you don't remember them and expect it to be here soon

Alana about had her fill of her brother as she glared at him and Alfred."Look here just because of the past doesn't mean that you have to be rotten bloody jerks and tell me to shove whiskey down my throat. So either you start understanding me as a nation or this means war!"

Hope you enjoy guys!
Egypt signing out.
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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)   A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada) Empty

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A shamrock among snow (Female Ireland x Canada)
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