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 OC List for everyone to see.

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OC List for everyone to see. Empty
PostSubject: OC List for everyone to see.   OC List for everyone to see. EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 11:36 am

Here is where the people who are OC can put their OC Registration Form. If you don't know where the OC Registration Form is then ckick here:

Please enjoy the site.
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OC List for everyone to see. Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC List for everyone to see.   OC List for everyone to see. EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 8:15 am

Country: Republic of Ireland

Human Name: Alana Minnis

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Green eyes (has one blue eye but puts a contact in it to hide it)

Hair Color: Orange to red

Friends: None

Foes: None

A Tad Bit of History: Ireland, when she was little, got hit with a cold spell and was found, along with her twin brother, by England. He and his brothers helped the country of Ireland to become a strong female nation. Around the time of WWI, Ireland and England had a massive fight which resulted in her independence. She was separated from her brother and and had to figure out her plans for her country from there. Since she is not a part of NATO or any other alliance, she is classified as neutral, just like Switzerland. Since she is neutral, she is a marry soul that wants to have fun with other nations, have a lot of whiskey, and eat potatoes and beef.

Extra: As I mentioned up above, she has one green eye and one blue. Her twin, North Ireland, has the same thing only in the opposite eyes. She also wears glasses while reading. She has a black and green coyote named Guinness, named after her brand of whiskey that is popular around Ireland and other nations. One of her hobbies is "How drunk can you get?" Normally she wins however, and then she goes around in the waiter's outfit and nothing else. She has a ahoge, which is looks like a 3 leaf clover, but she tends to try to hide it among her hair. Around St. Patrick's Day, If you are not wearing green, she will pinch you and then put you in green till you remember it. She tends to speak her native tongue from time to time, so beware. When she is the average of drunk she tends to be calm. If she is sober, watch out, her temper will go on overload. Best bet is not to have her sober. She fights a lot with her brothers, which are England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland. She's a tomboy, however she does wear skirts from time to time. Other then that, that's it.
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OC List for everyone to see. Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC List for everyone to see.   OC List for everyone to see. EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 8:18 pm

Country: Republic of the Philippines

Human Name: Marisol Gonzaga

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Friends: America, Japan and Australia

Foes: None

A Tad Bit of History: As a child, she was found by Portugal and was given to Spain. Growing up, Spain managed to protect her from Pirate!China, Netherlands(or Holland, if you will.), and Portugal. She has also gained some influence from Spain and India. Philippines had to fight a series of battles with America and Spain to gain her independence. Fortunately, for her, however, the war eventually ended on July 4. I believe that's about it for her history for now....

Extra: Philippines and Australia are close neighbors and share a common bond in religion, culture and language. Both nations were allies during WW2 and fought against Communism aggression in Asia. Even until now, America and Australia have been her allies. Her flag is as follows: 3 gold stars to represent the 3 Provinces, and the colors blue and red on her flag symbolize war and peace. The blue side of the flag is facing upwards to indicate peace, while the red side facing downward is the sign of war. As mentioned, the blue side is where her peace is consisted. In other words, she is in fact, like Switzerland, neutral. But, she is in good terms with America. She also has her share of beliefs in mythology, like vampires, fairies as well as Mother Nature. She also has a knack for rice. Also, relations with Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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Victoria Matthews

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OC List for everyone to see. Empty
PostSubject: Hi I'm Victoria   OC List for everyone to see. EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 1:16 am

Country: Queen Victoria Islands
Human Name: Victoria Williams
Eye color: lavender
Hair Color: Brown/Blond
Freinds: England,Canada,Russia,france
Foes None
History: I am canada's younger sister. I was raised by England and France at the same time canada was, and live wuth him still. I am very peaceful, and was never attacked.
Extra:i love to go boating

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OC List for everyone to see. Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC List for everyone to see.   OC List for everyone to see. Empty

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OC List for everyone to see.
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